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Owners Story…

Starting at the ripe age of 16, I worked in retail.

During college I created an internship through an apparel manufacturer contact. I was the liaison between that manufacturer and the first Walmart vendor owned “shop-within-shop” concept store.  I managed the floor layout, visual and product execution at the retail level (utilizing Walmart talent). I worked closely with the Buyer and monitored inventory to maximize sales.

Upon graduation (BA in Retail Merchandising Management, minor in Business) I secured an Area Manager position with a major retailer. Wanting to expand my operational experience (gained at the retail level), I joined a contingent employment firm. After six months, I was asked to open a new office, with the branch manager, as the only permanent placement consultant in that office. I learned how to build the business from the ground up.

Not understanding the value of my service in the contingent recruiting world at the time, my dream job presented itself (merchant/product developer/designer for a global apparel manufacturer). I worked for that manufacturer for 10+ years; first in merchandising/ product development/design and then human resource management. I went on to get my Masters in HR & Labor Relations.

In 2005, the concept of following my passion began. I reviewed my 15+ years of industry experience in visual, retail, product and HR management. I began to dream about how I could apply all of my experience to shape my (and others) future.

I wanted more balance in my life (having two small children). My goal was to remain in the professional arena, gain financial/fiscal responsibility for a business (mine or someone else’s) and combine my experience to contribute financially to the household.

I built a consortium of professionals, family and friends (along with a SCORE mentor) to serve as an advisory committee. I could not have been successful without them. I drafted my first business plan (which was revised many times). One year later, 2006, Midwest Personnel Resource, LLC was established.

Having come for the industry, I leveraged relationships to get started. 

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value
— Albert Einstein
       Sue Weishoff, President

       Sue Weishoff, President

  • Degreed professional (BA Retail Merchandising/Business; Masters, Human Resources & Labor Relations)
  • Worked for a global apparel manufacturer for over a decade in a merchant/product development/design then HR Management capacity
  • Have established networks in the apparel industry
  • Have an innate ability to uncover the core skill set of each candidate and in turn consistently match the right candidate to a client’s needs
  • Have a passion for the recruitment/staffing function which is evident in my work

      Michelle Tomlinson, Executive Recruiter

      Michelle Tomlinson, Executive Recruiter

  • Degreed professional (BS- Costume Design, University of Wisconsin Madison)
  • Worked for National Brand manufacturers as a Pattern Maker, Product Development Engineer, Merchandiser, and Merchandise Manager
  • Have a keen desire to help people find the right fit
  • Have a broad network of colleagues I’ve worked with in the apparel industry
  • Utilize creative problem solving to think of the one thing no one else has



While working towards my BS at the University of Wisconsin Madison I had a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with my professor on her one of a kind art pieces.  I was thrown into the deep end right away learning how to cut fabrics, and piece them together with couture techniques.  It was thrilling to work with antique fabrics from Hong Kong and to help bring an artist’s vision to life.  I learned a lot about perseverance in those early years.  That and a thirst for knowledge have served me well throughout my life.

After graduating with a BS in Costume Design I started my first professional position with a National Brand apparel manufacturer as a pattern maker.  It was a great introduction into product development.  Every chance I got I sat with the seasoned sewers and engineers to master construction techniques and to learn the difference between couture and ready to wear manufacturing.  I spent five years honing my development skills and understanding process improvement.

I was lucky to move to another well-known National Brand manufacturer as a Product Development Engineer.  A year later I moved to a Merchandising role in a unique division, and I found a new challenge.  This was a wonderful close knit team where I had the opportunity to dive deep into areas of the business where a merchant normally doesn’t play.  I spent the next 18 years learning about design, color, sku counts, sales and trend analysis, packaging design, marketing, and team building at a granular level.  I was successful because I built relationships cross functionally to give me a strong foundation of knowledge.

Recently I wanted to give myself a new challenge and apply my skills in a different way. Having worked with Sue Weishoff in the industry prior, our conversations lead us to the conclusion that I could combine my industry knowledge and desire to help people in a different way. In July of 2015 I joined Midwest Personnel Resource, LLC, as an Executive Recruiter.  I wanted more time to spend with my dog Arthur, and to work for a smaller company where my voice could be heard.  I’m loving this new chapter, and I’m looking forward to leveraging my perseverance skills and thirst for knowledge in the recruiting world. 

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
— Jack London