Fashion Clients

apparel industry manufacturers, brands, retailers learn how we can help you expand your fashion, action sport, accessories or home goods candidate pool and expedite the hiring process

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To Our Apparel and Fashion Business Partners

We partner with Fashion Brands, Retailers & Manufacturers to expand their choices relative to superior talent.

  • We network with apparel and fashion candidates every day to qualify the best in the business.

  • We engage passive job seekers when your career opportunity is “the right fit”.

  • We use behavioral based interviewing and other techniques to uncover a candidate’s true skill set.

  • We have worked in the industry; we understand your business.

  • We will gather job requirements and company culture information to match candidates appropriately. We want to know what your star performer does so we are clear on what success looks like in your organization!

  • We recruit and place candidates nationally.



We are proud of our long standing relationships with premiere fashion brands, retailers & manufacturers.


  • Your companies culture 
  • A-player characteristics
  • Competencies & key job requirements
  • How we need to work to be most effective for you 

As a result, we can expedite your hiring process as needs arise. 

As appropriate, we keep you abreast of talent that is right for your environment, allowing you to capitalize on the perfect candidate when they are ready to make the move!


We value being your first choice and a trusted resource when you need a partner in the hiring process!

What positions can we help you fill today?