Our Process

retail, wholesale, fashion brands, wholesale manufacturers review our process to fill open positions.


Our Process

We have a systematic approach that yields results.

 Needs Assessment

We start by identifying key elements of the position (in addition to the job description). We determine the must have skills/KSAA’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Accomplishments). We learn about the department and company culture (the right match is critical). We gain a well rounded understanding of the need so we secure the right fit for you and the candidate.


Strategic planning allows us to effectively target and source the most qualified candidates. Networking with extensive industry resources, social media, targeted advertising and proven cold calling techniques are utilized.


We build relationships with passive candidates and share openings when the right opportunity presents itself. We tap into our extensive database in addition to conducting targeted searches from similar retailers/wholesalers in the industry.

 Candidate Evaluation

We utilize a behavioral based interviewing format to qualify candidates. Our industry experience allows us to probe & uncover a candidates true knowledge, skills, abilities and accomplishments. We also uncover their long term desires. Our goal is to present candidates whom are looking to make a long term career move, not just a job change. We conduct reference checks, prior to an offer, to validate our assessment.

 Liaison In Process

We provide complete and honest feedback, along with tailored advice, during the entire interview process. This results in a smooth and seamless interaction between the client and candidate.


We play an active role and are engaged throughout the negotiation process. We manage all elements of the employment offer and consult as necessary to ensure acceptance.